Asslam Alikum dr Sadiq,

Your conselling services have really helped me with my OCD problem. I have had this problem for about 2 years and it was increasing everyday. Although
I completed only 3 – 4 sessions with you but your knowledge has really helped me on how to tackle these unnecessary thoughts from Shaytan. After working with you, I
have realized now that its all about how your react to these thoughts.

One of your strategies that really worked for me was on how you always challenged my beliefs on a certain thought. For instance, I had a problem of reciting surah fatiha during salah and we discussed that Allah will not account for you for something that is beyond your ability. I had a hard time getting over this problem so you always posed this question on me that I don’t accept this fact.

Another important thing I realized that my OCD problem actually began in my teenage when I used to get shaytanic thoughts about God. I had never thought that way it was all related. Alhumdullilah I have improved a lot over time but there is still some room for improvement. I really appreciate your services. May Allah reward you with the best in this world and the HereAfter. I still find it surprising that this a very common problem in our community yet there is not much help out there.

Please continue the good work and try to raise awareness of this issue. Another suggestion I have is that you should also encourage your clients to make lots of dua during their recovery process. I realized that I had knowledge on how to tackle these thoughts but it didn’t really help me until I started making dua.

Saoud (Canada)

Saoud (Canada)

Assalamu Alaikum, Dr.Sadiq,

Alhamdulillah, I’m doing fine, and doing better in life, I did remember you recently, when in our OB class our professor was discussing stress, and gave us a quiz to measure to what extent we were type A personalities, which is a great stress factor in itself. After honestly answering the test, I was a moderate type A, true that I wasn’t type B. But I must say as a perfectionist, I seemed to be an extreme type A, but I noticed great changes in my attitude.

I think my evaluation of the counseling I had with you before would be more accurate now after I really started to sense the difference in my life. Life hasn’t changed much with its ups and downs; different as they are they are always there. But what did change was the way I accept them and deal with them.

When I first contacted you, it was at a very critical point in my life, I was scared of the change, and didn’t have the self-confidence to believe I could make it. I was scared to leave my family, scared to meet my father, scared to come to a country where I thought I would be discriminated against as a Muslim and maybe even harassed for my scarf. You helped secure me, and gave me the support I needed to take this step, made me feel secure about coming. You also gained my trust, and with your offer for me to come to Edmonton, although I didn’t, I just felt that there was somewhere and someone I could turn to, in case things went wrong. You were always there for me to call when I first arrived and felt very anxious. You contacted me to a very kind family who helped me a lot to settle down. All of that taught me too things, first Allah has things planned for us, beyond what we could ask and expect, I experienced it, I felt it, so I could really believe it, and not worry so much about the future anymore, it happened to me before and it will happen again. And that has been true, I can’t count Allah’s blessings on me, just in the past couple of years. And the second thing was that I felt that some people are kind, they are good, and I could trust them, even if they are half way around the world, it’s just that Allah created some people to be good. And that was really important for me because I was not able to trust anyone, and that’s why I wasn’t able to get married. with this new feeling, I was able to appreciate the goodness in a person, and get engaged, I faced many obstacles and I still do every now and then, but I think i’m doing fine, and I’m happy of my strength.

That was about your support for me to start my new independent life, and see life with a good attitude. Bu, about dealing with my past, I feel that was a great thing too, and if someone were to ask me before if I could reach this stage of acceptance and healing towards my past I wouldn’t have believed it. I now see my father every Thursday; he now has his own apartment. Not only have I forgiven him because I really came to understand that he didn’t mean to hurt me, but I have also come to enjoy his company. He is very proud of me too, and loves it when I call or go to visit. in no way does he cause me shame, I have no problem answering questions about him if the situation require it.  I do not see it as something that hurts me, or that it changes who I am. I am who I am, and his illness is from Allah, true u told me that before, but I really live the happiness of believing it now. As for the rest of my family in Egypt I am also always in contact with them, and I give them all the support I can.

So Alhamdulillah, I’m now doing better in my studies, pursuing my master’s degree (my final exam this semester will be done this Monday). I’m also getting along with my fiancé and I don’t have past pains that prevent me from having a new clean relationship. And best of all I am no longer overwhelmed with every obstacle I meet, and that is the greatest thing of all. I mean in my studies i’m not the best, but I accept that, my relationship with my fiancé isn’t perfect but I accept that too. I’m doing the best I can, and I accept the results I get, and Alhamdulillah.

I remembered once I asked you that you always tell me I’m progressing, but u never tell me what to expect when I’m well. I guess this is what I was looking for to be well, Alhamdulillah, and thanks to Allah I’m glad I took this step earlier in my life, so I could live my life without the pressure and anxiety I always suffered.

I’m mostly smiling like you always advised me, and I don’t waste too much time looking into myself like I used to. I searched before, I got the help I needed, and now I have my life to live and enjoy.

Thank you,

SH (Egypt-Canada)

P.S. One of the best things I liked about your counseling, were your follow ups, they really made me feel like you cared, and they usually came in times when I really needed them. If I accomplished something I would be happy to share it, and it something was disturbing me I found you asking about me, and I felt supported. Thanks again.

SH (Egypt-Canada)

Asalamoalaikum Dr Sadiq,

How are you and your family?  I hope that you are all well and in good health.

I was just ruminating about life as you sometimes do and I came to the realization that your intervention and support over the years (even though it was email support) has impacted my life massively in a positive way.  Been able to talk about the traumas of my childhood, teen and early adult life has meant that I have not really experienced the extreme emotional arousal that I did for so many years.

Helping me to see other difficulties in regards to my brother in a more balanced way has also helped me greatly and I have been able to move forward and start to live for myself.

Really this email is to say thank you, you have been the only consistent support I have had in my life in regards to dealing with psychological issues and you have helped me in great ways.
I am indebted to you. J

I pray that Allah gives you all that is good for you in this world and the next, removes any difficulties you are ever faced with in the same way that you eagerly help to remove others difficulties, I pray that you are amongst those that Allah is pleased with and Who is pleased with their Lord.

Lots of love,



Dear Dr Sadiq As-Salam Alaikum,

My sister, S…,  has been doing pretty good after your counselling session. Her mental condition has definitely improved and I am delighted to share this good news with you, as I write. Both she  and her husband are very optimistic and absolutely hopeful now with regards to your therapy and treatment. She in particular and the family in general, is now seeing the bright silver lining behind those dark clouds. InshaAllah the days of her mental and emotional sufferings will be over soon and forever, Ameen.

I wanted you to know how grateful my family is for the healing treatment and cure that you are providing for my sister. She has been suffering for a long time and we were just mute spectators, knowing absolutely nothing as to how to really help her remove and eliminate her deep agony and pains. We silently saw her bright and beautiful life turning into dull and full of gloom. For a long period now she has been extremely restless, very irrational, maniac and insomniac. She does not get proper sleep without medication, have had multiple episode of mania recently and gets angry on each and everything. Now we see in you, a divine help from the Almighty Allah, who can help eliminate her sufferings and anguish, so that she can live a perfectly normal and peaceful life, InshaAllah.

Thank you Dr Sadiq.

With gratitude, respect and regards,



Dear Dr. Sadiq

May Allah reward you for what you have done. I never knew there were actual real good Muslim men in the world. I never told anyone as much as I told you, and I feel like a burden has been lifted off of me. Someone has realized my pain and acknowledged it. I don’t have to live my life being angry about what happened, it’s past, it’s gone.

MI  (Canada)

MI (Canada)

I was suffering from OCD

I have been getting therapy for my obsessive thoughts for over a year now. With every session, things got better and I was better able to let go of my obsessive thoughts and not let them interfere with my life. I learned that the thoughts are just thoughts and I am not responsible for them and therefore I should relax when unpleasant thoughts come to me. I learned that my brain is like a radio and it picks up things and random things may enter your head and it doesn’t make sense to interpret or dwell on the thoughts that come to you because this is just waswas  (satanic whispers). I noticed a change in my obsessive thinking from the first session onwards. Every session helped and now it is a lot easier to ignore the waswas. I know they will always be there in some form, but if I can ignore them and not pay attention to them then they will bother me less and the waswas will decrease, insha Allah.



Dear Dr. Sadiq,

I cannot thank Allah enough that he guided me to attend the workshop that day in CPSA .  My niece spoke to me the next day after her last session with you and said she felt better, Alhamdulilah.

Jazakallah Khair Dr. Sadiq for what you do. Saying “Thank you” is a very tiny gesture of mine in showing my appreciation towards what you do. The fact that there is an individual out there who can provide help to someone across the world is truly a blessing and mercy from Allah. May Allah shower his blessings and mercy on you and your family in this world and the hereafter. Ameen.

Once again thank you for everything 🙂

Jazakallah Khair,

FK  (India)

FK (India)

Dear Dr. Sadiq

I wanted to say thank you and may Allah reward you for your work.  No, no there’s no progress yet :),  but soon Insha’Allah.

Our sessions have left me so drained and feeling slightly feverish.  Lol.  But I think it’s a good thing.  It’s finally something that will get me to where I need to be.

The way you believe in me and the way you said you know I can do it means so much to me.  The fact that you know all about me and you’ve given so much support and belief and confidence means the world to me.



The dark then light of ocd

I am a female that came to Dr Sadiq a few years back with obsessive compulsive disorder. The symptoms of my case were pretty severe in nature as I will explain. My obsessive compulsiveness surrounded issues regarding solaah, tahaarah, wudu, and very bad dirty thoughts especially regarding my deen. etc.

For years I suffered thinking I could help myself only to fall back into the same traps again and even denying I had this illness….of course I was fooling myself…what I really needed was the continuous guidance of a professional that would help me every step of the way. There were times of immense frustration, dark days of unnecessary over-analyzing of stupid thoughts. Looking back I really don’t know how I managed to endure this illness I do not wish upon anybody. While everybody seems so happy and relaxed your brain is obsessively buzzing over thoughts that you don’t know where in the world they originate from and they feel like they biting at your insides and you feel helpless and no sense of control and just want it to go away and stop. Anyone with ocd will tell you how black and sad their inner world can get but I would hold strong onto the attitude that I will beat this.

My issues were pretty deep. For example:
I would obsessively think I was dirty with some najasa, my clothes were dirty, the carpet were dirty, and because of all this my solaah was not accepted by Allah and that I would be punished. Sometimes it touched the boundaries of such severity that thinking back at this today I don’t know where I got the internal strength to endure such a load of nonsense in my head. I would be consumed with doubt, confused thinking, unnecessary questions would pop up in my mind and the waswaas continuously plagued me like a swarm of bees and I endured so much anxiety that I would just go and lie down as these thoughts just kept continuously playing like a crazy record in my head.

There were times when I would repeat each and every solaah – so basically my belief system went like this: Believe in one Allah and pray 10 times a day!  I’d even fear to pray anywhere else other than my own home – this can be embarrassing sometimes as people think why in the world does this person pray so much, wash her limbs over and over and keep repeating certain acts.

There were times I’d sit and scrape back the skin on my fingernails to remove the tiny specks of dirt I thought would invalid my wudu…imagine everyone had to do this how cumbersome our deen would not be

And there were two incidences I’d never forget that showed that I clearly needed help. The one was where I spent about 2 whole hours just trying to pass my initial allaho akbar in my fard solaah of eshai coz I kept doubting that I made the niyah incorrectly.

And the other was when I took up to about maybe 20 or more fard ghusls after my monthly cycle coz I felt maybe my bath was not acceptable. I remembered that night so clearly repeating shower after shower until the next day and then still bathing again that night. I can’t believe I got out of that one sane! Alghamdulilah. Sometimes I thought I was going to go mad.

So these were my awful issues that plagued me most of my day for I think a few yrs on end, it was depressing at times but I always kept a candle of hope burning.

When I got to Dr Sadiq, in my 1st session he unmasked my incorrect beliefs that caused these compulsions and obsessiveness. Then what I would do was that every time I would feel this compulsion rising I would take it as a sign that its something I should go against.

So I got out of my unnecessary rituals like that…you will need some incredible strength at 1st to break this habitual way of thinking but eventually it slowly wears off. Then also Dr Sadiq sent me a copy of a document with all the rules of tahara and I just followed it and made up my mind to ignore the doubts and almost miraculously my symptoms decreased and Dr Sadiq himself couldn’t believe how well I got myself out of it Alghamdulilah. It just shows these thoughts only seem powerful but they can be conquered. But then there were times when I’d fall off the cliffs again and again and again and while I was incredibly disheartened and felt like I’m failing again Dr Sadiq made me see the better picture. Its important to remember in treatment – you will have losses but also gains. He kept things in perspective for me and not blow it out of proportion. Eventually I managed to overcome this entire ordeal by challenging my thoughts and I found success rather quickly Alghamdulilah because I decided that I was going to beat it – it was not an option for me to do otherwise.

Today yes, I still feel the ocd rising with regards to these issues but they are small and never really gain major control over me. Occasionally they do get the better of me but I don’t think I should sweat it – it’s a small weakness – just that! Basically it is there but I don’t harp on it too much. Yes, sometimes I do fall into a trap again and then I’ll clarify the issue with someone – so as to gain perspective of what a normal person would do (an excellent principle Dr Sadiq taught me in relation to this illness) then I’d just apply that rational and slowly come off the stupid unnecessary habit and false belief. Dr Sadiq taught me to think a lot more broadly – imagine everyone had to think obsessively about najasa on their clothes, body everyday of their lives etc lol! Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?! This is an error in thinking that ocd patience have – they don’t think broadly enough!

If I have to rate the therapy I received I cannot give it anything less than a full ten coz I got immense shifa through it Alhamdulillah, my life became clear and bright again. I found Dr Sadiq to be extremely patient, very loving, and caring and professional. He’d answer to my emails that I sent through with words of encouragement . He is someone who shows al lot of responsibility towards his patients and sincerely wants to see them get better, even to the extent where he doesn’t make paying an issue. Dr Sadiq also has more than 30 yrs experience so think by now he’s probably heard it all with regards to ocd so one shouldn’t feel shy to reveal these issues – it is incredibly hard as many of these issues are of a very private nature.

I also feel that any patient who is serious about getting cured must try their utmost best to do the following.
• Even tho the illness feels very major inside their heads try not too distress themselves too much – it really just boils down to an influx of thoughts and thoughts can be squashed and one can learn to train ones mind to ignored them and just observe them in your mind and not latch onto them even though you desperately want to inside. It’s ultimately YOUR DESCISION to do so or not.
• They must stick to treatment – it just WON’T work with a half-hearted attempt – NEVER! You must make up your mind that this is the shifa Allah sent you and you will follow the rules of the game and eventually you will see results insha’ allah.
• NOT EXPECT A QUICK-FIX – even though my ‘fix’ I feel came quickly alghamdulilah, it can drag on to years even but eventually your new thought processes will become a way of life and your old thought process will gradually diminish.
• Make lotsa dua’ and believe that Allah has Heard you and will help you if you help yourself.
• When things begin to sour again and your inner world become black and depressive after winning for a while just focus on your gains and keep your focus on it – eventually you will gain control over it all. Insha’ Allah! If you could gain control over a little you have it in you to gain a little more each time.
• Believe it is Allah’s way of toughening you up -He chose to give you this illness because He knew you can handle this!– ocd people are special people I would say – they develop a lot of inner patience/, courage, endurance and can develop quite a positive outlook eventually.

Whoever reads this, may they find some inspiration to believe that ocd can be conquered – NO DOUBT! Excuse the pun! LoL.
AE – Belgium

AE – Belgium

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh, Dear Dr. Sadiq,

Everyday for the past three weeks, I have been debating whether I should call/email you to extend my thanks to you or to ask for another session of your invaluable time. But I spent this time also monitoring my improvement, changes in my behavior/ thoughts/ the way i react/ talk/ sleep/ eat, as well as worship, so that I can determine if I truly needed any more counseling or not. Also during this time I have been trying to solve as many of my questions and/ or problems on my own, by just turning to Allah, and alhamdulillah I have been succeeding. I have been much better in terms of deen, esp. since reading and listening to more Quraan has been proving to be the best therapy. Consciously, I do not let my past haunt me anymore, not even 1%, because increasing my faith has truly rewarded me with a more positive optimistic God-conscious mentality. Nor do I worry about my future, it is something I have submitted entirely up to Allah and making duaa for it and leaving it 150% in the hands of Allah makes me feel so much more comfortable and optimistic about it as well as all matters. I am focusing on school, my studies, socializing with many friends and family, and trying to follow more of the sunna, to work on increasing my love for – as well as spreading love- for the Prophet (saws) in concern of the awful actions taken place in Denmark and Europe. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, all this improvement thanks to your counseling! And the biggest thing I am personally relieved of, since the last time I have spoken to you last month, I have not returned to masturbating even once. And this is a huge improvement for me, since it used to control me on a daily basis, sometimes even more than once.


I do need to talk to you about some of my dreams.  Would you please schedule a session for me?

(Phone session followed).  The following feedback received four weeks later.

It has been a while! Inshallah this email reaches you in the best of health. I have spent the last few weeks since speaking with you trying to figure out if I had really been experiencing a life-turning improvement, or if I was just going through a temporary elevated phase. I was waiting until I had a reality slap or something that snapped me back to where I was before contacting you, but in the past 4 weeks that never happened. I did not want to send you my progress report until I was sure of what my current state is. And alhamdulillah, I can tell you it is a positive one. The only downs I have from day to day are regarding my iman, this constant battle i fight against the shaitan and temptations of the nafs, but for some reason I am not complaining from this battle. I feel like it’s a sign that I am healthy and alive, like at least I am consulting my conscience and not falling into my old habits. I do feel that the battle gets harder every day, but the knowledge that this is a sign of increasing iman only makes me more grateful that I am experiencing these healthy signs, as hard as they sometimes can get. Substantially speaking, the two physical habits thanks to your guidance have ended: the masturbation and overeating. I have not done the first since like early january and i have not binge-eaten for 3 weeks. That IS a record for me. I am so happy for this, because the improvement has not just been in my head, it’s been translated into behavior. My nightmares have not completely ceased, but have been at a much more minimal level, about once every one or two weeks. I will be honest and tell you that I have not completely 100% forgotten and stopped caring about my past engagement, I do sometimes think about it, and the memories do still hurt sometimes, and yes, the guilt does try to come back, but I do not allow myself to dwell on it too long. I guess the remainder of the pain will go away through continued effort and giving it time — and maybe meeting my naseeb 😉 Also the involuntary masturbating has stopped since I spoke to you because I dont view it as such a forbidden thing anymore, even though I still never committed it. I have been so open with my mother and telling her everything that bothers me, which is a MAJOR stress reliever, she has been my support system as you once told me I needed. I feel so thankful Allah blessed me with your help Dr. Sadiq, I can not but ask Allah to reward you endlessly for your genuine unique goodness. It is so rare to find these days and you can never imagine the optimism and complete change of mentality you have left me with. I never realized what an essential role I play in my life. I know that’s an awkward sentence, but it makes sense in my head =) I hope to pass this wisdom from you to any person I come across facing similar struggles.

I know I’m being too wordy, but I just want to ask a few things before I end this short-coming e-mail. 1- First I want to ask you Dr. if it is ok if I keep your name on my messenger in case I ever come across a situation where I feel desperate to contact you. I promise I will not be annoying. 2- Also I wanted to ask a favor of you, if you could keep me in your list of email contacts that you send interesting forwards about deen and such. (like the one you sent on Eid Al-Adha).  Finally, and most importantly, I wanted to ask you if you are still planning on visiting the UAE? Please, do keep me posted about that. It would be an honor to meet and thank you in person!


Jazakallahu khair in the dunya and hereafter Dr. Sadiq, may He bless you, your family, your work, and your whole life wherever you go.


Final Evaluation


Today the rise of psychologists, counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, self-help books, peer groups, etc. is at a faster rate than ever in history. Ironically, what is faster is the rate of growth of mental disorders and depressions.  And parallel, to that, also with irony, is the rapid rate of disappearing religion and honesty in our world. Psychology today has become a very successful business, and how sad it is to turn the mental and spiritual sufferings of empty people into something commercial. This leaves one feeling very skeptical about who they turn to for help. When I first consulted Dr. Sadiq for counseling, I expected to be treated by a doctor for what I believed were countless list of mental diseases I had. I wanted to present each individual mental issue and solve it one by one. I never expected that it was possible to step out of the mental disorder cage my simply believing it. Furthermore, I never thought someone could actually help and teach me enough to believe it. I forgot the reason I came to Dr. Sadiq in the first place, which was because I was looking for a knowledgeable Muslim psychiatrist, not just any. Genuinely speaking, no words can do justice for evaluating help that comes from an Islamic light. I realized there were many faith-based remedies I was ignorant of which were answers to my personal struggles, and which are vital for every human being. Since coming out from a difficult past trauma, I was subconsciously  choosing to make my situation much harder and more awful than it was, and once allowed, the mind can be freed to pursue unimaginably dark  and deteriorating belief’s toward one’s self. This is what I learned from Dr. Sadiq. No matter how many self-help books I read about, or psychology-online sites I visited, none had a concrete convincing solution to my specific case of depression. Dr. Sadiq’s help was not just that of a psychiatrist treating a patient, it was of a sincere Muslim worshipper guiding a confused young adult on Allah’s true path. I just needed to adjust my misguided convictions, and I could not have done this alone. I was struggling with irrational thoughts and beliefs that had a beginning and no end. I had every negative thought and idea of self-image and this weakened my self. I had barely any self-confidence or contentment in my life. Dr. Sadiq selected special verses from the Quran that alone could heal a number of personality disorders once looked into. He taught me that there is a healthy form of struggle, called jihad- al- nafs, which is only healthy to feel if you are a true mu’min. Funny enough, I previously had misconstrued this struggle to be an obsessive compulsive disorder. The counseling made me realize how fortunate and blessed I am, and for the first time I counted all my blessings that I was too blind to see before. The interesting thing to note about the four-month counseling with Dr. Sadiq is that in all the sessions, he does not just sit and lecture till your are pumped with information. The answers are there, inside me, but he just wisely guided me the right way so that I could lift the misconstrued ideas covering them. He plays the more effective role of facilitator in counseling. The medicine from Allah – swt – was already within me, and my counselor provided me with the right tools to get to that medicine. Substantially speaking, my main issues were a private habit that was torturing my mind every day because I felt too weak to overcome it, and an overeating disorder. I learned that this came from a lack of acceptance of myself. I learned from counseling that the only way to accept myself is to feel content and grateful for Allah’s blessings and not fall into the deceit of the shaitan, who usually attacked me in the form of nostalgia or irrational thoughts. By realizing this, applying what I learned, and not viewing my weaknesses as forbidden unacceptable crimes, I slowly and surprisingly found myself not running to food every time I felt down, and not returning to my bad habit whenever I was lonely. I began to actually relax. Faith is the door to any psychological hardship, but you need the right key to open it, and Allah sent me Dr. Sadiq me with the key I needed. And how sincere was this help? Let’s just say the most valuable things in life truly cost nothing.

P.s. Dr. Sadiq, although your genuine help came with no financial expectations, I still have a closed envelope with the cost of your sessions with me, which continuously bothers me until I deliver it to you, either in person inshallah or by mail if I don’t get a chance to meet you.

RC   (Emirates)

RC (Emirates)